Bring your vision to life

Let our Master Jewelers take care of all the work for you.



We begin with you, the dreamer, to deliver us your concept.
Bring us your pictures or sketches, or even just an idea, and our on-site team of experts will collaborate with you to create your dream piece while working to create unique a design that meets your vision and budget. Our Custom Design Specialists bring your inspiration to life! 


Creation Concept

Bring your vision to life and be there every step of the way as Garen and George Azatyan, our master jewelers, work to create the perfect curve, cut, and color of your unique design, and let them help you adjust it accordingly to your idea of elegant perfection.

Create a one of a kind design.


Once your design concept has been finalized and an order placed we will create a 3D model as well as a wax model for your approval and, if you wish, request modifications to the design.

Custom Craft

Our master jewelers set your stones carefully by hand, piece-by-piece to ensure that all the details you dreamed of will be executed in brilliant detail.