There’s no better way to ensure your new jewelry is one-of-a-kind than to have it custom made. Our family has been helping customers find their perfect custom-made jewelry for generations. Let us help you find a truly personalized jewelry piece.


Your Custom Jewelry Consultation

Your custom designed jewelry journey begins with a consultation with one of our design experts. Our craftsmen can help you bring your vision alive to create the perfect piece that matches your dream and your budget.

Designing Your Perfect Custom Jewelry

After the initial consultation, our craftsmen will take your concept and sketch out every curve, edge, and gem of your new custom ring, pendant, or other jewelry. They’ll work closely with you to ensure your new piece is exactly what you had in mind. With your approval, our team will design perfect 3D models. After a final approval, our master jewelers will construct your piece by hand, ensuring each gem is perfectly set and every curve and cut is masterfully engineered.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your custom jewelry design consultation.