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What is an Evil Eye?

Have you realized the importance of eye shaped bracelets and necklaces becoming a fashion statement? Kim Kardashian wears the evil eye stackables on her arm Wherever we look we see celebrities and fashionistas are wearing beautiful talisman charms, more officially known as "Evil Eye". What is the evil eye? The name comes from the Mediterranean [...]

Winter Opals

The visible puffs of breath from our lips sway, as if to its own lullaby, upward to the sky. The streets lined with naked frostbitten trees while its fellow members lay chilled glistened on the sidewalk which crunch underfoot. Rosy cheeks and woolen hats are the latest apparel. Winter has arrived. Busy Phillips in Irene Neuwirth [...]

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Jewelry Collection

The brand new Hunger Games Movie is out and Catching Fire torched our souls from the core.As much as we are not fund of the philosophy behind this movie, it doesn't keep us from being fascinated with brave and amazing Katniss and the beautiful and flamboyant costumes and make up of the "Capitol". As OKG JEWELRY we are [...]