Mid-Century Tiara Reborn!


Historically Tiaras were worn only by royalty such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Elizabeth II in the Mid 1700’s and 1800’s. America has the biggest influence on the popularity of Tiaras. For example, Miss America has been crowned with a Tiara for well over 80 years and gained traction as an accessory for events ranging from Weddings and Pageants to Proms and Parties.

Tiaras come in all varieties of styles, shapes and constructions ranging from Plastic to Platinum, adorned with Rhinestones, Crystals, Pearls, and of course Diamonds!

One of our loyal customers found her Mother’s Tiara hidden away in a safe deposit gathering dust which contained an amazing array of all sorts of diamonds shapes and cuts totaling 50+ carats!

This Tiara was made in the mid 1960’s for her Mother who wore it to many lavish parties and special occasions. Not only was it an outstanding statement piece, but also represented a lifestyle that is quickly fading away.

While the Diamond Tiara was an amazing piece of jewelry and a

IMG_2079testament to the jewelers craft, clearly our lifestyles have changed and our client had no use for her Mother’s beloved Diamond Tiara, so she brought it to OKG JEWELERS in order to transform it into a remarkable diamond necklace that would utilize her Mother’s Diamonds and create a wearable design that would breath new life into a Mid Century Design and update it for the 21st Century!

Have a look at what Garen our jeweler and creative director created using ALL her mother’s Diamonds! Definitely be a head turner.

 The necklace he created is such a masterpiece and will keep alive the memory of her mother in her heart as well as future generations!