The days after Thanksgiving mark the unofficial beginning of winter, and usher in the joyous holiday season. Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day are often considered the most romantic times of year, so it’s no surprise that many marriage proposals take place within the

se three months. Of course, there’s no proposal without an engagement ring, so the winter months are often a busy time for jewelers.

But even if there’s no wedding on the horizon, you can still wear elegant new jewelry during the winter. Unlike spring and summer jewelry, which tends to be a bit more colorful and warm, winter jewelry choices are

often best kept subtle. Choosing cooler tones like white and blue help to match your jewelry to the winter atmosphere. Thus, platinum, white gold and silver pieces often work the best.


It’s also a good idea to choose gems tinted in blues and greens to reflect the colder months. Blue sapphires, as well as topaz and aquamarine, are great choices for any winter jewelry, and look amazing set in earrings or necklaces. For a green hue, emeralds are a popular and beautiful choice. Purple gems may work as well to evoke a winter mood, depending on the shade or intensity of the stone.



If you are planning on proposing on Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day, it’s often a great idea to choose an engagement ring that shares these winter qualities (especially if it’s a romantic, snowy day outside!). Imagine a luxurious, yet understated, platinum or gold ring set with an exquisite blue sapphire gemstone and crystal-clear diamonds. It’s plain to see that the power of winter jewelry lies in its beautiful subtlety and sparkling cool colors. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or your new favorite fashion piece, remember to keep this elegant winter jewelry in mind!